Agriland Farming Company - Focused on High-Value California Crops

About Agriland Farming Company

An established agricultural presence in Central California, Agriland Farming Company maintains operations on 30,000 acres of managed cropland. An emphasis of Agriland Farming Company is on high-value produce, such as pistachios, almonds, dried fruit and walnuts, which keep well in storage and are less exposed to short term market price fluctuations.

Known for the efficiency of its operations, Agriland has been recognized by American Fruit Grower Magazine as the third-largest nut grower nationwide. Committed to delivering value that saves on labor costs, the firm has developed mechanical brush staking and pruning equipment that is patent pending.

Agriland achieves best prices on equipment, chemicals, materials, and through economies of scale, which provide it with the ability to lower it’s clients operating costs. Through affiliated companies, the firm has a diversity of in-house capacities that range from agricultural property brokerage to tree nurseries. The firm is led by James R. Maxwell, who volunteers with organizations such as Central Valley Community Foundation, California Ag Foundation and Valley Children’s Hospital.